Once sixteen-year-old Tom Gleason arrives at Camp Sunbeam one summer day in 1985, there is an abundance of opportunities for new experiences.  Some are planned by the camp, and some are not.

            The camp staff makes it clear they want campers to leave modern technology behind and concentrate on the timeless close-to-nature activities they offer.  It is a place where Tom can be anyone he wants and all great things seem within reach.  This is no more apparent than when a pretty girl seems to be attracted to him.  Could this actually lead to a special relationship?

            Camp Sunbeam is a place of beauty and danger.  With wildlife everywhere, sometimes Tom and his colleagues must work to avoid being stung or bitten.  At the same time Tom wants to protect his heart from being broken by his new love interest.  Tom hopes to survive all of this with help from his friends at a time in his life when the possibilities seem endless.

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