This is a book which I co-wrote with my wife Meredith.  It became my first published book in 2017.  In Pathways of the Very Young Autistic Mind, we both recall our real life childhood experiences due to being on the autism spectrum.

Are you a parent, family member, or friend of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism? Do you want to find a way to understand and authentically connect with them?

Peek inside the mind of a child with Asperger’s as husband and wife Pat and Meredith Dewees share their inner thoughts while growing up and developing.

Do you sometimes wonder about the future of your loved one diagnosed with Asperger’s or on the autism spectrum?

Let the outcomes of these authors help to reassure you. Authors Pat Dewees and Meredith Dewees have overcome incredible barriers. Now in adulthood they lead middle class lives.  Pat works in the accounting department of a retail company while Meredith works for a grocery store.  They live in a townhouse with their beautiful feline fur babies.  They even take vacations. Pat often blogs about their day to day lives and other matters on his website

Pathways of The Very Young Autistic Mind is not an autobiography but rather a collection of stories. In it you’ll discover:

  • Examples of the internal necessity for routine autistic children often have.
  • What kind of things pique their interest as their minds explore beautiful things.
  • What life with high functioning autism is like from the perspective of male and female.
  • How sometimes adults feel they are helping but are not considering the internal issues of the autistic child.
  • Read examples of Pat and Meredith processing information with Asperger’s and how they use it.

Pathways of The Very Young Autistic Mind is the unique insight you’ve needed to connect with the loved one in your life diagnosed with Asperger’s or high functioning autism.

If you like authentic information given out in bite sized stories, grab this book and connect with your loved one today!

This is a great read.  I learned quite a lot about autism and how it affects different people.  Both Patrick and Meredith write from the heart and tell it exactly how it is.  I admire their courage.  Well done!”

Susan S.

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